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The Honorary CMEd Award
and Nomination for distinguished Montessorian Educators.

"...let them be the exemplary model and as an inspiration for all
to find nobility significance as a life educator."

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Learning Network Outreach
Montessorian World International Conference, China and Singapore 2007
Honorary CMEd Award for Phyllis Wallbank MBE
Montessori.100 years On.Montessorian Inaugural. 2008
Official Launch of Montessori Asia Council and Montessorian World Children's Club
Montessorian World International Conference, India and Malaysia 2009
Honorary CMEd Award for Meenakshi Sirvaramkrisknan
Montessorian World International Conference, USA and Malaysia 2010
Honorary CMEd Award for Lakshmi Kripalani held in New Jersey, USA on the 4 Dec 2010.
Malaysia Conference held at University of Malaya, on the 11 Dec 2010.

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Education for Good
Our mission is to propagate wholesome education and fellowship for the global community. Montessorian World is a Knowledge Partmrs Portal of BPII Organisation. We advance Montessorian World Education and Fellowship. Montessorian Education goes beyond the tradition of children development and unto the significance of total development of a person.

About the Award.

The Charter : "Montessorian World International in its “Montessori.100 years on. Montessorian” celebration has begun its journey around the world to recognize Montessorian Educators who have contributed to the advancement of Montessori Education and excellence in service, into its Honors’ Roll. The Honorary CMEd Award is the highest level of recognition within the Montessorian World. The recipient is honored for his/her sociogenetic endeavor and contribution to excellence in education service in his/her respective country."


Nomination for the Honour.

Montessori based education has been propagated around the globe for more than 100 years now. Many have passionately devoted themselves in the work among children and the betterment of Montessori education in their community or country and beyond into the world. They have contributed to the development of it for good in various ways. We will like to acknowledge their life work as exemplary model and as an inspiration for all to find nobility significance as a life educator.

If you like to nominate a person in your community or country, please submit your nomination to the Board of Montessorian World International. All nominations will be kept confidential until the nominated person is accepted by the Board and the Award has been finalized.

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