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  Montessorian World International Conference, China and Singapore 2007
Honorary CMEd Award for Phyllis Wallbank MBE
Shanghai, China - 13 th October 2007 Singapore - 10th November 2007
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Honorary CMEd Award for Meenakshi Sirvaramkrisknan
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Montessorian World International Conference, Shanghai, China 2007
Phyllis Wallbank World Tour and Lecture
Honorary CMEd Award Ceremony for Ms Phyllis Wallbank MBE
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Montessorian World International Conference 2007 - held at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
"Totality in Learning. Education for the Better" : A Dialogue with Dr AT Ong.
Founder and Chairman of BPII - Chartered Network and Montessorian World International.

The Dialogue @ Haorum Building,
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  Dr AT Ong shared his experiences and thoughts on the essence of life education. He presented his framework on learning for children and adults to a group of principals and professionals. It was followed by an interactive session with the participants. He outlined the constructs in his Paradigm on "Totality in Learning" and how it was incorporated into Montessorian World Education and the overall mision of Montessorian World.

Montessorian World hosted PHYLLIS WALLBANK WORLD TOUR & LECTURE in China and Singapore between October- November 2007.

Our Honorary Guest and Distinguished Speaker Mrs Phyllis Wallbank was created a member of the Order of the British Empire (M.B.E), an honor given by her H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. She was also decorated with Benemerenti Medial from Pope Paul II. Phyllis trained under Dr Maria Montessori and organised the last International Montessori Association for her. She has dedicated her life for humanity causes.

Mrs Phyllis Wallbank MBE, age 89 years goes around the world to celebrate the centenary of Dr Montessori and gives memories of Maria Montessori. In her lecture, Mrs Wallbank links Montessori with modern brain research and shows possible Montessori "keys to the environment" for today's children.

Montessorian World - China Chapter hosted Phyllis Wallbank World Tour & Lecture in SHANGHAI on the 13 October 2007

Montessorian World International hosted the first leg of Mrs Wallbank's Lecture in China on 13 Oct 07 at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The response was overwhelming with over 300 participants from diverse occupational backgrounds, including students, parents, teachers, principals, trainers, educators and other professionals who were keen to learn more about human development. The participants were very enthusiastic and they were encouraged by Mrs Wallbank's Lecture. Many of the participants went forward to thank her for the impressive lecture and determination.

Mrs Phyllis Wallbank MBE received the Honorary CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator Award from Dr AT Ong.
The Citation


Phyllis Wallbank MBE with Dr AT Ong,
President of Montessorian World International
The Public Lecture @ Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Montessorian World International also hosted Phyllis Wallbank's last leg of her Lecture in Asia in Singapore on 10 Nov 07. She later proceeded on to Australia.


Before the Phyllis Wallbank's Public Lecture in Singapore, our President Dr AT Ong also travelled with her to Hong Kong and Malaysia. A lunch hosted by parents at Renaissance Habour View, Hong Hong on the 28 October 2007 (right picture).
Phyllis visited Montessorian World (Malaysia Chapter) in Kuala Lumpur on the 5 Nov 2007 where they had a fruitful interaction on the Montessorian World's vision and mission for Asia and beyond (right pictures)


Montessorian World - Singapore Chapter hosted a Celebration Dinner and Phyllis Wallbank Lecture in SINGAPORE on the 10 November 2007

Montessorian World International hosted the last leg of Mrs Wallbank's Lecture in Asia at Singapore's Raffles Town Club with a Celebration Dinner. Participants and guests from various interest groups, school principals and their teachers, parents and professionals came for a time of fellowship and learning together.

Different ethnic groups and communities, representing the various nationalities in Asia presented gifts of art and craft from their countries to Phyllis at the end of the Dinner.


The multi cultural experience - Phyllis Wallbank
with presentations from various nationalities.
The Dinner Celebration and the Lecture.
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