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Montessorian World International Conference, China and Singapore 2007
Honorary CMEd Award for Phyllis Wallbank MBE
  Montessori.100 years On.Montessorian Inaugural. 2008
Official Launch of Montessori Asia Council and Montessorian World Children's Club
Singapore - 2nd Jan 2008 Malaysia - 22nd Nov / 21 Dec 2008
Montessorian World International Conference, India and Malaysia 2009
Honorary CMEd Award for Meenakshi Sirvaramkrisknan
Montessorian World International Conference, New Jersey, USA and Malaysia 2010
Honorary CMEd Award for Lakshmi Krilapani
Official Launching of Montessori Asia Council and the Montessorian World Children's Club
MWCC - Creation Child Learning Paradise in Danga Bay JB Malaysia
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The Founder and Chairman of BPII Organisation and Montessorian World International, Dr AT Ong
launched "Montessori in Asia" *, an Action Project at its Headquarters in Singapore on the 2 January 2008. Its mission is to reach out to the many Asian Communities for good with its Montessorian World Education and Fellowship programmes. Montessori.Asia is the largest dedicated Montessori Education Portal in Asia hosting over 20 country specific Montessori domains and is structurally ready for quantum growth. With the large geographical land spread, social peculiarities and cultural diversity in Asia, the newly launched platform will act as the infocomm gateway and the aid to the delivery of education across Asia.


The Reception and Lounge  
Montessori.Asia as an Education Portal is for all Montessorians and friends. Social and Education Institutions, Montessori based organisations, Learning Centers and Education Service Providers regardless of the affiliation are welcome to be part of the Global Learning Environment .

Dr Ong initiated the formation of Montessori Asia Council** to spearhead the governance and furtherance of this project. He also extended the invitation to all interested parties both in Asia and outside the Asian Continent to submit their interest and proposal for the participation into this hallmark developmental work. "It's the beginning for the next 100 years." he added.
PS : * Montessori in Asia and **Montessori Asia Council are now registered in Singapore as business names and for official identification of these projects

In Malaysia, Dr AT Ong launched the Montessorian World Children's Club within its premise at the heart of Kuala Lumpur City and MWCC - Creation Child Learning Paradise @ Danga Bay in Johor Malaysia

  The Reception and Lounge


Official Launching of Montessori Asia and Montessorian World Children's Club.
Montessorian World (Malaysia Chapter) is now managed by Montessorian Sdn Bhd in Malaysia


Montessorian World Children's Club and Creation Child Learning Paradise in Danga Bay, Johor, Malaysia.
Creation Child Learning Paradise in association with MWCC in Johor, Malaysia officially opened on the 21 Dec 2008..

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