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Montessorian World International Conference, China and Singapore 2007
Honorary CMEd Award for Phyllis Wallbank MBE
Montessori.100 years On.Montessorian Inaugural. 2008
Official Launch of Montessori Asia Council and Montessorian World Children's Club
Montessorian World International Conference, India and Malaysia 2009
Honorary CMEd Award for Meenakshi Sirvaramkrisknan
  Montessorian World International Conference, New Jersey, USA and Malaysia 2010
Honorary CMEd Award for Lakshmi Krilapani
New Jersey, USA - 4 th Dec 2010 Malaysia - 11 th Dec 2010
Montessorian World International Conference New Jersey, USA 2010
Honorary CMEd Award Ceremony for Ms Lakshmi Krilapani
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  Montessorian World International Conference 2010, Honorary CMEd Award in United States of America
  4 December 2010


The Charter : "Montessorian World International in its “Montessori.100 years on. Montessorian” celebration begins its journey around the world to recognize Montessorian Educators who have contributed to the advancement of Montessori Education and excellence in service, into its Honors’ Roll. The Honorary CMEd Award is the highest level of recognition within the Montessorian World. The recipient is honored for his/her sociogenetic endeavor and contribution to excellence in education service in his/her respective country."

On the 4th December 2010, Our Founder and Chairman of BPII Organisation and Montessorian World International, Dr AT Ong visited United States of America and presented Ms Lakshmi Kripalani with a Honorary CMEd Award.

Ms. Lakshmi Kripalani was trained by and has worked with Dr. Maria Montessori and Mario Montessori. She was trained by Dr Maria Montessori in Karachi, India in 1946. She left India in 1962 and went to USA. After completing the 1962-63 school year in Iowa, she went to Los Angeles to attend the Montessori training course in the United States and attained the Certificate from American Montessori Society (AMS). In the last 70 years she has dedicated her life in promoting Montessori Education and service to the community. Lakshmi Kripalani has many accomplishments and received numerous awards.

Montessorian World International Conference 2010 Honorary CMEd Award was held in Montclair, New Jersey on 4 December 2010. The Conference was both a gathering for goodwill fellowship and a celebration to honour Ms Lakshmi Kripalani's long years of contribution to the Montessori Movement in USA.

Ms Marilyn Stewart who is the Head of The Red Oaks School and President of American Montessori Society (AMS) graciously helped in organising the Award Ceremony. The occasion was also graced by the Mayor of Montclair, Mayor Jerry Fried made a proclamation to more than 120 invited guests present as an acknowledgement of her outstanding contribution to the community. A tribute on her achievement and commitment to Montessori education in USA was delivered by Mr Richard Ungerer, Executive Director, AMS. Mr Dennis Shapiro, Editor, Public School Montessorian, Jola Publications and Ms Marilyn Stewart delivered the concluding remarks in support of Ms Lakshimi's achievement.

Dr AT Ong, Founder and Chairman of BPII Organisation and Montessorian World International delivered a keynote address before the presentation of Award. The Keynote Address

Ms Lakshmi Kripalani received the Honorary CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator Award from Dr AT Ong
The Citation for the Award


Ms Lakshmi Kripalani with Dr AT Ong,
President of Montessorian World International
The Award Ceremony Honoring
Ms Lakshmi Kripalani
Dec 4, 2010
Montclair, New Jersey, USA

Section of the guests and participants came to support
Lakshmi and witness the Award

Ms Lakshmi Kripalani expressing her gratitude
after the Award

From left to right, Ms Marilyn Stewart, Lakshmi Kripalani, Dr AT Ong, Mr Dennis Shapiro, Editor, Public School Montessorian, Jola Publication and Mr Richard Ungerer,

In fellowship, guests from around the US came to acknowledge her long years of continued Montessori work and dedication to Montessori Teaching Method of Education.
Dr AT Ong, Ms Lakshmi Kripalani and Ms Marilyn Stewart (picture on the left) at the Buffet Lunch Fellowship with invited guests (pictures below) after the Award Ceremony.
At the Welcome Desk and

Musical Interlude
"For My Mother",
Diane Moser, Composer
  Montessorian World International Conference 2010 Public Forum and Dialogue in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  11 December 2010

Montessorian S/B hosted the second leg of Montessorian World International Conference 2010 at the University of Malaya on the 11 December 2010 in Malaysia. The theme was "Achieving Holistic Development in Children Education : The Parent -Teacher Partnership Approach ". The event was sponsored by BPII Organisation and Montessorian World International.

Dr AT Ong provided the opening speech followed with a series of papers presented by three distinguised speakers. Associate Professor Dr Rahil Bt Mahyuddin, School of Education, Languages and Communications, Wawasan Open University spoke on "Reading and Literacy Skills Among Children in Early School Years, followed by Associate Professior Dr Mariani Bt Md Nor from the Department of Educational Physchology and Counselling, University of Malaya. She spoke on Smart Parent-Teacher Partnership. Ms Carolyn Choo, Head of the Early Childhood Education Department, SEGi University College. shared her views on the Holistic approach on early childhood education and the challenges in making the parent-teacher partnership successful.
In the second part of the event, A/Professior Dr Rosnah Bt Ismail from the University of Malaya chaired the Forum and Dialogue Session. The Panel Members comprising of the three invited speakers provided a lively interaction among themselves and with the participants at the Conference.
(Left to Right) Dr Mariani Bt Md Nor, Ms Carolyn Choo, Dr Rahil Bt Mahyuddin
and Dr Rosnah Bt Ismail

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