Montessorian Action Plan.    
Education Plus Business
Learning Fellowship to Enterprising Partnership
  Montessorian Action - Connecting communities : of people and places.

Leverage Advantage : Internationally recognized Montessorian branded products and service channels
Global Education and Fellowship.

Membership Privileges. Pathway education and development opportunities for all.
From personal enrichment to professional development and members business certification

Learning Fellowship. Enterprising Partnership.
Members have the option of participation at any country specific Network Group or Knowledge Portal

Montessorian Plan : Awards and Business Development Opportunities

Membership Plan is structured with different interest option. As a Members' Network, pre requisites are set for entry into each category of the membership. This is to ensure that participation and exchanges among members are purposeful and credible. All programs are accredited and lead to award privileges on subscription of an Affiliation Plan. Our membership policy is to provide choices, value return in each category and with opportunities for members to upgrade themselves at their own pace to be a Registry Member
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  Education : Get Montessorian Award

Competency Award : Montessorian Education Pathway Program

Becoming Montessorian ™ is an authorized Education & Membership program of Montessorian World International. The programme is structured with a Learning Pathway and a choice of development opportunities. International Montessorian Certification (IMC) is either by Direct Membership Examination or by Transnational Education Assessment. The Competency Certification Award qualifies candidates to be a Qualified Montessorian, Certified Montessorian Professional or Educator Membership grade.
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Certification Award. Business and Professional Certification Program

The Professional and Business Certification Award Programs are for qualified members to upgrade themselves and as preparation for participation in the Members Business Registry. Certification Award Programs also qualify mature candidates directly to the Certified Montessorian Professional or Certified Montessorian Educator Membership Grade and become a Business Registry Member.
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Globalisation Award : Strategic Global Media Application Module

The Globalisation Award Apps is a prerequisite program to prepare Members for participation at Montessorian Registry and be a Member Consortium at Qcircle. It is a strategic development and integration process to align members into the knowledge based ecocomy. The different Strategic Global Media Application Module on completion will qualify members to participate as a Consortium Registry Member and with an added choice of business at the Members Ecommerce Gallery or becoming a Global Partner.
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  Business : Join Montessorian Registry

Members' Business Registry. Montessorian Online.

Members Business Registry is open to all Qualified Montessorians and Certified Montessorians. Registry Members are expected to actively promote and conduct Montessorian World Education and Fellowship programmes in their community. Registry Members provide both online services and location based support to fellow members in the country they reside in. Choice of participation in over sixty countries worldwide and 34 cities/provinces across China.
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E-biz Registry. Members Ecommerce Gallery

E-biz Solution Global. The E-biz Plan is for Members to subscribe to the Montessorian Ecommerce Gallery. The portal to garner new opportunities in the era of the global economy. Choice of different plan to suit members' interest. The E-biz Plan provides members with a ready ecommerce enabled platform for an immediate online business start up, trades and exchanges or use as support system for a location based operation anywhere around the globe.
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Global Partners. Montessorian Hosts.

The Global Plan is structured with three functional roles for the outreach of Montessorian World Education and Fellowship worldwide. It offers a choice of ready marketplaces by geographical spread across the world and a set of internationally recognized Montessorian product brand and service channels. The Plan provides members with a quick start up proposal and opportunities for enterprising and pioneering to make a difference or for a transformational change and regeneration of an existing operation
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Get Award : Assessment Mode
  An Inclusive Proposition. International Montessorian Certification.
Membership Competency Assessment : Transnational Education Assessment : Direct Entry Assessment
  Montessorian Education and Fellowship for all. As a Members' Network MWI provides both members and those who share its vision to be qualified and certified under an all inclusive Model of Montessorian Education.

Members who have completed a full Competency Module at the "Becoming Montessorian" program or those who have completed an equivalent level of competency studies from a local government approved programme may apply for an appropriate International Montessorian Certification Award.

International Montessorian Certification : Membership Competency Assessment

Members who have completed a full Competency Module at the "Becoming Montessorian" program may apply directly for a Membership Competency Assessment.
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International Montessorian Certification : Transnational Education Assessment

Students and Graduates who have completed an equivalent level of competency studies from a local government approved program may apply for a Transnational Education Assessment.
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International Montessorian Certification : Direct Entry Assessment

Candidates who are highly qualified and have relevant education qualification and professional experience may apply for Direct Entry Assessment under the Mature Entry or Specialists Entry Route.
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  Opportunities :
Create a Job, a Profession or a Business
  Job and Business Creation Worldwide . For Members by Members.

JobCreation and BizCreation @ BPII are dedicated societal service channels. As a Members' Network BPII - MWI provides a ready platform for members to be partners as mentors and mentees or for any purposeful development for the good.

JobCreation and BizCreation Mentorship Program.
Build your own career pathway.
Learn, earn and create your working lifestyle at your own pace.

Realize your own aspiration.
Jump start your entrepreneurial set-up and develop your potential into a noble mission.

Members have the option of participation as a Mentor or Mentee at any country specific Specialty Network Group or Knowledge Portal. Find choice of Program and subscription details to get you started.

Create a Job

Job Creation Mentorship Program 1 : Create a Job

>> Becoming a Qualified Montessorian

>> Be Qualiified. >> Subscribe an Affiliation Plan

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Create a Profession

Job Creation Mentorship Program 2 : Create a Profession

>> Becoming a Certified Montessorian Professional

>> Be Certified. >> Subscribe an Affiliation Plan

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Create a Business

Business Mentorship Program 1 : Create a Business.

>> Becoming a Registry Member

>> Be Global. >> Subscribe a Registry Plan

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