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The School of Montessorian World Education - School of Montessorian World Education provides different Levels of Montessorian Competency Studies and a wide range of preschool and early childhood courses as well as workshops/seminars/study missions for parents, teachers, trainers, educators and any other interested parties

Becoming Montessorian : Mind of a Scientist, Love of a Saint, Heart of a Servant ™ is an education and membership program of Montessorian World International - with its unique classification of competencies and achievements.

CMEd, Certified Montessorian Educator ™ is a professional and membership credential from Montessorian World International - that distinguishes our members as being relevant, competent and professional always.
Five main category of courses are structured to suit participants' needs. It offers a combination of different mode of education - face to face lectures/ seminars, directed online learning plus practical workshops.

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Delivery & Enrolment :

Students may enrol into any of the competency programs with Montessorian World Education Host nearest to place of residence or via distance education with online directed learning by experienced Certified Monessorian Professional. However, students who wish to acquire a formal academic award must be prepared to undergo a scheduled intensive Montessorian Lectures & Workshop program.

Whenever possible, programs of study are organized to maximize convenience and accessibility so students can study without the necessity of giving up work and at their pace. Students may enroll in any part of the program for their own personal development, information, without being required to enroll in the full course or subject to examination.


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