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Frequently Asked Questions

About Montessorian World Education ?

The School of Montessorian World Education goes beyond the teaching of Montessori Teaching Method for children education and its tradition. We promote life long learning and regeneration to change for a better.

Montessorian World Education is about exploration of the inner being and of knowing oneself.
It is a continual pursuit for the wholesome development of the mind, the heart and the soul.
It is an education for the well being for ourselves and all around us

" Becoming Montessorian : Mind of a Scientist : Love of a Saint : Heart of a Servant " is a wholistic Model for Montessorian and Professional Development. The development process enshrines the "Totality in Learning" paradigm and is a value added extension to the traditional Montessori Education."

Montessorian World Education makes the difference. Know more.
What ? How? and Why Montessorian World Education?

The Frequently Asked Questions include:

What is Montessorian World Education & Training?  
How Montessorian Education is delivered?  

"To be a respected Montessorian in Education is to be relevant, competent and professional"
- Founder, Montessorian World International.

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