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School of Montessorian World Education
is a division of Montessorian World International. Together with its Education Partners, Montessorian World provides a wide range of Certification courses in Preschool and Early Childhood Education as well as Montessorian World workshops / seminars / study missions for teachers, trainers, parents and any other interested parties.
Montessorian World Education emphazises on personal enrichment and professional development, a careful self-preparation for a spirited change of heart that is necessary to understand each individual child and help him on the path of self education.
Being a Montessorian is to possess the earnest pursuit for the "Mind of a Scientist, The Love of a Saint & The Heart of a Servant". We provide a wholesome perspective of education and a systematic route for development of Montessorian and being a total person.
Becoming a Montessorian parent, teacher and trainer is a learning process for personal enrichment & achieving significances. Montessorian World Education's Model is designed to allow you a staged development with a self directed learning plan scheduled at your own pace of study
The School 's vision is to be a great 21st century teaching and research institution in the Asia Pacific hemisphere and essentially international in character and focus. It seeks to maintain and propagate Montessori Teaching Method and Montessorian World Education and to provide affordable & quality courses for all.



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