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Montessorian World invites you to be part of this cooperative resource platform.
We are in continual process of developing and nurturing Montessorian Quality Service Providers,
Certified Montessorian Professionals, CMEd Certified Montessorian Educators,
Education Hosts and Community Hosts worldwide.

We promote Montessorian World Education and Fellowship, Be a Members Partner to partake in our mission
All Montessorian World's registered Members are subscribers to the Montessorian World Network Management System.

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  "We advance the tradition of Montessori Teaching Method for children education and beyond unto adulthood. We promote Montessorian World Education and Fellowship. We welcome you as members to share our vision and mission in your community. "
- Founder, Montessorian World International

Membership is a Learning Partnership. To be a member of Montessorian World, participants undertake the prerequisite competency based
Becoming Montessorian programme. It comprises a series of specially tailored skill enrichment, Montessorian and Professional Development modules accreditated for Montessorian Membership Award and Fellowship. We provide the value added extension to the traditional Montessori based education.

All Education Service Providers and Institutions of Learning are also welcome to advance themselves to partake with us to deliver this inclusive Montessorian and Professional Development Model for life long education.
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Montessorian World Education and Fellowship
We provide you the world of education opportunities from enrichment to professional certification. Here you explore the network of people and places and fit your life aspiration in a Global Learning Environment to excel. You can choose to develop your potential at your own pace with its Montessorian and Professional Development Modules.

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Montessorian World's Members' Plus Plan :
We structured a Learning Partnership Plan for participants to develop their potential at their own place and pace. You can advance yourselves as a Montessorian Professional and a Certified Montessorian Educator and be a distinguished member wherever you are located with our global network system. You can actualise your aspiration with our jobCreation and bizCreation plans.

Enterprising Partnership : Be a Registry Member.
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Business Registry (1) : Montessorian Online for Worldwide outreach
  Qualified Montessorian Online. Certified Montessorian Online. Members School Online.
Leverage Advantage : One Global Brand of Products and Services.
Business Registry (II) : Global Partnership for Montessorian World Education
Montessorian Education and Community Host by Speciality and Country Location
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    Value Added Proposition : Global Partnership in Education.

International Montessorian Certification.

Transnational Education Assessment. All Education Service Providers and Learning Institutions including respectable international Montessori based associations are welcome to partake with us in the global delivery of Montessorian and Professional Development pathway programme and the cooperative development of it for good. We incorporate the value added extension to the traditional Montessori Education. We provide Joint International Montessorian Certification for courses approved and accredited by member country's governmental authority inorder for both students and graduates to advance themselves and to have fellowship in a global learning environment.
Policy Statement On International Montessorian Certification

Montessorian World International
is founded with the aim to act as an unification hub and be the World Fraternity for Montessorian and friends. Montessorian World Education is inclusively structured for all as a model for Montessorian and Professional Development in life education and is especially dedicated to those in pursuit of global peace education and the nobility significance as an educator. All Education Service Providers and Montessori - based education establishments including professional associations are welcome to be part of the delivery process as our Education or Community Hosts in their country.
As a Policy in our effective delivery of Global Education, we provide International Montessorian Certification on local government approved courses at Competency Level I and 2 of studies from approved institutions of learning by country specific location. Education Service Providers or students / graduates may apply directly to us for Transnational Education Assessment.
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Members Business Registry : Global Partners Plan
Virtual to Certified Education, Country and Community Host
  The Business Registry is for all Qualified Montessorian, Certified Montessorian Professional and Educators, Certified Montessorian Education and Community Hosts

Members Business Registry: Value Added Proposition
Montessorian World is for all qualified Montessori based Practitioners and Education Service Providers, schools and training centres approved by local government. It provides members a cooperative development platform and a ready networked environment to meet new challenges for the delivery of Montessorian World Education and Fellowship program in their Host Country.
Enterprising Partnership : Global Partners Program.
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