Montessorian World Children's Club
Exquisite membership for parents & their children ; Schools & their teachers
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Montessorian Quality Education
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Montessorian World Children's Club is open to both Parents and their Children; Schools and Learning Centers.
    What is Montessorian World Children's Club
A venue for enrichment of children education with families and schools
Educational Partnership & Enrichment.
Partnering for Quality Education and Service Excellence
    Montessorian Club Membership Category
For parents and their children ; schools and learning centers
The Creation Child Development Series.
© Creation Child is a copyright publication of Montessorian World.
    Montessorian Club Membership Benefits.
Self-regulation of quality children education and community development
Other Members' Priority Programs.
Cooperative event management and shared resources.
    Partner School Program @ Montessorian World
Members provide the venue for the children education, provide family enrichment programs and community service in their locality.

For Educators For Principals For School Owners For Education Hosts
CMEd : Certified Montessorian Educator is a Professional and Business Affiliation Credential from Montessorian World International. This Award is conditional on successful completion of CMEd programme and a commitment to continual professional development.

Partner Schools and Licensed Learning Centers offer Creation Child : Learner and Achiever ©program for children development and forum for parents and their children.
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