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Creation Child : Learner and Achiever is a holistic education programme for children incorporating the Dr Montessori's pedagogy of children development with our emphasis on the need to nurture the child to the fullest and prepare him/her to be a self learner and achiever for life.

The programme comprises of a series of guided children activities within a Montessorian World prepared environment.

Education for the Better.
Developing the Totality of Life.
Global Mind. Global Vision for the good of all.

A unique feature programme for all Partner Schools @ Montessorian World.

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Toddlers programme (0 - 3 year)
Creation Child :
Discovery Life
  - Creation Child : Life Skills Discovery

- Creation Child : Sensorial Discovery

- Creation Child : Beginning Maths

- Creation Child : Language Learners

- Creation Child : Beginning Readers
Pre-School Level (2.5 - 6 years)
Creation Child :
Learner and Achiever


- Creation Child : Nurturing Practical Life Skills:
for children to explore the developmental space from creation to perfection of life skills
and values in a Montessorian World prepared learning environment.

- Creation Child : Creating iMind:
for children to be thinker and having an inquisitive mind-set to excel.

- Creation Child : Learning Mathematics :
for children to learn Mathematics in a quick and orderly approach

- Creation Child : Learning English:
for children to learn English, read, write and construct sentences.

- Creation Child : Nurturing Global Mind
for children to be global and visionary through exploring the vastness & diversity of
cultures, sciences and art

    Creation Child Programme @ Montessorian World Children Club
Nurturing the Creation Child.

For Educators For Principals For School Owners For Montessorian World Hosts
Montessorian World Children's Club. Creation Child is a unique feature programme for all Licensed / Partner Schools @ Montessorian World.

Partner Schools and Licensed Learning Centers offer Creation Child : Learner and Achiever © programme for children development and forum for parents and their communities.
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