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Montessorian World International hosts a variety of Montessorian establishments within its Network. Here, you can find the Registry of Montessorian Professionals, Montessorian World Community Hosts and Education Hosts in various countries across the globe for learning and sharing or doing business.

Today, it interconnects over sixty countries worldwide and thirty four provinces /cities in China for one global outreach.

Education Hosts promote Montessorian World Education and Fellowship programmes, conduct training and development courses. Education Hosts also provide service support to enrolled participants and organise International Montessorian Certification in their countries

Global Partners Registry @ Montessorian:

All authorised Montessorian Education Hosts are our Global Partners. All Hosts are led by a Certified Montessorian or Qualified Montessorian who hold a Globalisation Award. All authorised Hosts are listed in the Global Partners Registry @ Montessorian World and also in country specific Montessorian ePortal.

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