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Connecting People and Places :: Collaboration and Cooperation

Montessorian Members' Network
Global Membership with choice of country location.

Montessorian World International is the world's largest infrastructure of networked country-specific Montessorian portals under one Global Learning Environment. Montessorian World is dedicated to all Montessorians and friends. Membership is open to both individuals and corporations.

Membership Category :
Affiliation Plan
- Qualified Associate : Qualified Montessorian (MWI)
- Certified Professional : Certified Montessorian Professional or Certified Montessorian Educator.
- Certified Corporate : Certified Professional own or sponsored entities

Registry Members :
- Members Registry : Qualified Associate / Certified Professional / Certified Corporate Online
- Ecommerce Registry
- Global Partners Registry / Education or Community Host.

Within its Members' Network you can find the both Qualified and Certified Montessorian around the world. At the extended Montessorian Registry, you can find the Registry of Montessorian Online, Montessorian World Community Hosts and Education Hosts in various countries across the globe.

The network links Montessorians and friends across the globe and provides education and community services specific to the need of the country host. Registry Members promote Montessorian World Education & Fellowship programs.



Montessorian Online
Developing People. Connecting Places and Communities Worldwide

Qualified Montessorians and Certified Montessorians are suitably trained teachers, trainers and educators who are committed in the delivery of Montessorian World Education in they country they reside or globally
Members Registry @ Montessorian :
All Qualified Montessorians, Certified Montessorian Professionals and Certified Montessorian Educators who possess Montessorian Competency Level 3 and 4 or equivalent qualification respectively and or have attained a Professional Certification Award are qualified an Affiliation Members and can advance themselves as a Registry Member at the Montessorian World.


Education Hosts
Mission in Education : Seeking Virtue & Sharing Knowledge

Education Hosts promote Montessorian World Education and Fellowship programmes, conduct training and development courses. Education Hosts also provide service support to enrolled participants and organise International Montessorian Certification in their countries

Global Partners Registry @ Montessorian:

All authorised Montessorian Education Hosts are our Global Partners. All Hosts are led by a Certified Montessorian or Qualified Montessorian who hold a Globalisation Award. All authorised Hosts are listed in the Global Partners Registry @ Montessorian World and also in country specific Montessorian ePortal.


Community Hosts
Mission for Oneness : Sharing Vision Building Lives

Community Hosts  advance Montessorian World Education and Fellowship in their country ; offer children education and or organise regular contact meetings and promotion activities in particular to parents and their children ; schools and their teachers for enrichment and purposeful outreach in their community.

Global Partners Registry @ Montessorian :
All authorised Montessorian Community Hosts are our Global Partners. All Hosts are led by a Certified Montessorian or Qualified Montessorian who hold a Globalisation Award. All authorised Hosts are listed in the Global Partners Registry @ Montessorian World and also in country specific Montessorian ePortal.


Open Learning Environment
Montessorian World Education and Fellowship

Participation at Montessorian World International (MWI) is by membership subscription. Membership is uniquely a Learning Partnership.
To be a member of MWI, participants undertake the prerequisite
Becoming Montessorian program. It comprises a series of specially tailored competency based Montessorian and Professional Development modules accredited for Montessorian Education Award. The program has also incorporated the "Totality in Learning" Paradigm as a value added extension to the traditional Montessori based education.

All Education Service Providers and Institutions are also welcome to partake the delivery of the Montessorian and Professional Development Model for life education. Students and graduates are accorded the membership privileges to advance themselves to be a Certified Montessorian Professional or Educator and be part of the Montessorian Fraternity worldwide.

Montessorian Communities
Montessorian World Communities 
Country - Specific Montessorian World Community Host
Montessorian, Events & Activities in your Community : by country / City

Montessorian Education
Montessorian World Education
Country - Specific Montessorian World Education Host
Montessorian World Education and Fellowship : by Country / City.
Programmes for CMEd Fellowship, Educators / Trainers / Teachers /Parents; Partner Schools
Montessorian World in China - by city / province
Montessori China Organisation
Montessorian Communities
Montessorian Education & 32 major provinces - Chinese version under development.
  Members Network.
Learning & Development Opportunities Worldwide
Connecting the World Communities, Montessorians and Friends.


    Montessorian World International - Members Network.  
  Membership Plan, Business Registry and E-biz Programme Plan
Montessorian World's Global Partnership Opportunities
Regional Community Hosts & Educational Partners' Programme for China and the Asia Pacific.
International Partnership and Collaboration available worldwide for qualitative growth.

Subscription Plans available


Open Category, Qualified Client Users
Qualified Members Category : Students / Parents/ Teachers/ Trainers/ Educators / Schools/ Training Institutions/ Businesses / Philanthropy

Members Business Registry

Qualified Montessorian Online : Qualifed Montessorian Teachers/ Trainers
Certified Montessorian Online : Certified Montessorian Professional and Certified Montessorian Educators
Certified Corporate Online : Montessorian Members School : - by Country / City / State / Province/ District

Global Partners Plan
Certified Montessorian Chapter Host : - by Country / City / State / Province/ District
Certified Montessorian World Education Hosts : - by Country / City / State / Province/ District
Certified Montessorian World Community Hosts : - by Country / City / State / Province/ District

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