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The Learning Partnership Plan

One integrated Members' Network for learning and enterprising.
One global platform for cooperative development and resource collaboration
among networked members worldwide.

Unique features @ Members' Network
Explore the global opportunities. Develop your potential.
Build a noble career or jump-start an entrepreneurial set-up with an international presence.
Learning Partnership Plan Members' Network Program Plan
Opportunities for Members by Members. Registry Programmes.

Membership is a Learning Fellowship and an Enterprising Partnership.

The Learning Partnership @ Members Network is a shared commitment among members or between a Member Mentor and Mentee or a Member Trainer and Trainee for a purposeful pursuit in continual education, business and professional development.

The Learning Partnership @ Members Network provides cooperative development opportunities among members under one internationally recognized platform of Montessorian branded products and services.
Connected in over 100 geographical marketplaces and communities worldwide.
Membership Plan is structured with different interest option and a purpose driven learning initiative for all. As a Members' Network, pre requisites are set for entry into each category of the membership. This is to ensure that participation and exchanges among members are purposeful and credible. Our membership policy is to provide added registry choices, value return in each category and self help opportunities for members to upgrade themselves at their own pace.

Members Network Registry programs include
- Members Business Registry -Montessorian Online
- E-biz Solution Global Registry - Ecommerce Gallery
- Global Partners Registry - Montessorian Hosts

Membership Opportunities. Registry Programs at Members' Network
Be a Qualified Member Montessorian Registry Program : Montessorian Online and Members Business Registry
Be a Certified Montessorian Professional
Be a Certified Montessorian Educator
Be a E-biz Members Registry Program : E-business Solution and Members Ecommerce Gallery
Be a E-biz Professional
Be a E-biz Partner in Education
Be a Montessorian World Chapter Host Registry Program : Global Partners and country based Montessorian Hosts
Be a Montessorian Education Host
Be a Montessorian Community Host
Membership Route
Go to Montessorian ePortal. Select a Registry Plan
Global Opportunities
Global Education : Global Network : Global Partnership : Ecommerce Gallery : Members Forum and Online  

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