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Montessorian World Education is designed with a Learning Pathway and development opportunities. Becoming Montessorian programme comprises of a series of Competency based Montessorian and Continual Professional Development (CPD) modules. The structured competency level of studies (CL) provide participants with choices, exploration of growth opportunities and a space for self directed development within Montessorian World at their own pace. CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator Fellowship programme provides professsional development and recognition of individuals as Montessorian Professionals.
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For all. Parents, teachers, trainers, educators and para education service providers are welcome to be part of this competency based programme.

Flexible Pathway : Entry is based on formal Competence Assessment and prior recognized qualification and experience from the country where applicants reside.

Advancement : Montessorian Members and Participants with tertiary education qualification or equivalent Montessori Certificate from an approved institution are also welcome to improve themselves within this competency based Becoming Montessorian global learning platform. It is a Learning Partnership for you to excel as a Montessorian Professional.

Opportuntities : Advance yourself at your own pace and be recognised as
a CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator ®.

Specialist Entry Route: Distinguished academia and practitioners, experienced School Principals and Specialist Educators may apply direct to the CMEd Fellowship.

Development Model at Montessorian World Education
The School of Montessorian World Education adopts a unique concept of learning and teaching. It challenges thinking minds and regenerate the spirit of learning. It aims to develop the fullest potential in a person.

The Learning Model is designed for participants to be progressive, with the opportunity to go beyond knowledge introduction (as enrichment & at CL-1) and into lifelong learning : from guided studies to taught self - directed learning, embracing highly effective practice-based (at CL-2), mind skill development (at CL-3) and problem-based (at CL-4) learning processes, Be a real life achiever at CL-5. It is a systematic programme for the development of a total person

The Competence Assessment forrnat with its staged award allows participants to study and achieve at their own pace and place. Learn and Earn scheme is available for those seeking career and entrepreneurial startup.

Charted Montessorian and Professional Development : Enrichment to Certification

Membership and Learning Partnership :
  Membership is open to all. Membership is a Learning Partnership and a pledge of commitment for self renewal and improvement through the participation of its Continual Professional Development and Fellowship programmes.
  Applicants can apply directly for a montessorian enrichment and professional development program. On successful completion be granted a competency based Membership Certificate Award.
  Applicants who have completed their studies from other approved learning institutions may also apply for a formal Reciprocity Assessment of their Competency and recieve an equivalent Montessorian Membership Certificate Award. Applicants under this route may have to attend an Induction programme or directed CPD courses and pass the prerequisite assessment prior to the Montessorian Award.
  Highly experienced academia and practitioners, including trainers, School Principals and Specialist Educators may apply for the CMEd Fellowship program under the Specialist Entry Route.
The Assessment of Competency Level (CL)

Format of Assessment : The three main categories are :
(1) Standard Competency Assessment (Direct ) (CL 1 to CL 5) or
(2) Reciprocity Assessment Entry (CL 1 to 3) or through
(3) Specialist Route Entry. (CL 4 to 5)

All are welcome to apply to determine their level of competency and achievement.

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Important Notes:

Membership is a commitment for continual education and development. A pledge to be relevant, competent and professional.
The Montessorian and Professional Development program comprises of five stages of growth. Formal competency assessment is conducted at each level and successful participants are awarded the appropriate Montessorian Membership Certificate.
Students who are enrolled in other approved Montessori training centres and/or completed a course of approved study may apply for a Direct Assessment of Montessorian Competency. International Montessorian Certification.
The Montessorian and Professional Development Pathway Model
From Personal Enrichment to Professional Certification

Montessorian and Professional Development Chart
- Enrichment to Certification -
Becoming Montessorian™ is an authorized Education & Membership program of Montessorian World International. Uniquely structured with Learning Pathway and Development Opportunities.


CMEd, Certified Montessorian Educator
is a registered trademark of Montessorian World International.

The credential for being a relevant, competent and professional Montessorian

Description of Technical Competency, Awards and Growth Opportunities
  Becoming Montessorian is structured as a pathway for wholesome development and experiential learning.

The Programme is for parents, teachers and trainers, educators and administrators. It also provides transformational learning opportunities for those who possess other disciplinary education and prior related experiences to join in this development process, including participants with other related Montessori qualifications.

Learning entry is based on participants' prior learning and experience and their desired outcome of achievements. The programme is structured from Montessorian Competency Level I to V.
Participants with equivalent Montessori qualifications at CL-1 and CL-2 from an approved Montessori teaching institution or learning establishment including those preschool education awards recognized by the local education authority where the applicants reside, may be considered for entry into CL-III for this pathway education.
Applicants completed their studies (CL-1 and CL-3) from other approved learning institutions may also apply for a formal Assessment of their Competency and recieve an equivalent Montessorian Membership Certificate Award. Applicants under this route may have to attend an Induction programme or directed CPD courses and pass the prerequisite assessment for a Montessorian Award.

Personal Enrichment : Introductory Montessorian Modular Education
- for parents of young children keen to learn about child development and preschool education. Individuals considering early childhood education as a career and wanting to gain basic knowledge of this field before making a decision on a career pathway. An introductory programme for all.
Competency Level (I) : International Montessorian Certificate (IMC)
- for parents and teaching assistants; teachers pursuing a career working with young children and wishing to upgrade themselves by acquiring a qualification and technical knowledge, and to be able to work under supervision in a Montessorian Environment as junior teachers.
Competency Level (II) : International Montessorian Diploma (IMD)
- for parents as teachers and junior childcare / school teachers to develop a higher level of technical competency and to be able to work independently and effectively at a more advance curriculum level as senior teachers.
CMEd : Certified Montessorian Educator Fellowship is a professional and business affiliation programme
CMEd Fellowship programme @ Montessorian Competency Level - IV & V provides individuals the professional competency and necessary qualification to be Montessorian Professional and Partner in Montessorian World Education. You are a professionally qualified as a CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator.
Competency Level (III) : International Montessorian Higher Diploma (IMHD).
- for senior teachers and trainers to develop themselves to an advanced level of technical competency and an added mindset skill capable to be a supervisor or trainer. On successful completion of CL III, you are eligible to be qualified teachers /trainers within Montessorian World and as an enrolled Montessorian Professional for advancement under CL IV and V of the CMEd Fellowship.
Competency Level (IV) : International Montessorian Professional Diploma (IMPD)
- for continual professional development and Montessorian Professionals seeking higher competency and professional pathway to be a CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator, a Principal of CMEd Partner School, a Community Host or Education Host.
Competency Level (V) : Graduate Montessorian Education (GradMEd)
On successful completion of all study prerequisites or a major approved Research Project and a practical internship or a real project implementation, you are eligible to apply for membership as a CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator ®, and/or eligible to lead a CMEd Partner School or to apply to become a Montessorian Community / Education Host in your country / region
Membership Certification and Awards

The Format of Assessment : Applicants may apply for (1) the Standard Competency Assessment (Direct ) or (2) Reciprocity Assessment Entry or through (3) the Specialist Route Entry to determine their level of competency and achievement.

Membership is a Learning Partnership, a commitment for continual education and development.

1. Membership Certification : Standard Competency Assessment

The Standard Format of Assessment is designed to determine the Competency Level of skill, knowledge and aptitude of the participant. There are five main categories of Competence Assessment and Award. Those who have successfully completed their course of Montessori studies at a Montessorian World Education Host's Centre or other approved institutions in their home country may apply for a Competency Assessment and receive a Montessorian Award to be part of the Learning Fellowship.

Generally, for the Assessment of Competency Level I to III, the examination and review format consists of three parts,
a) a two hours written examination on Montessori Theory and methodology, b) a comprehensive oral examination requiring precise presentation and use of the teaching materials, and c) the completion and presentation of required handmade curriculum materials.

The Assessment of Competency Level IV to V is a review of research and development process, submission of an approved self contracted performance based real life project work and the successful implementation of it.

The scope of assessment and the expectation to be achieved for each Competence Level are detailed in the Education Manual.

Assessment of Competency and Membership Certification

Those successfully completed Montessorian Development Modules in each Competency Level at a designated Montessorian World Education Host's Center or have obtained an equivalent certificate / of an approved course from other local learning institutions may apply for a formal assessment of their Competency Level for Montessorian Certificate Award and as Membership Entry into Montessorian World Education and Fellowship programme.

All applicants will be considered for entry into the appropriate level of Assessment and category of Membership. Applicants must have completed a prerequisite Montessorian World's qualified programme at a chosen Level of Competency of studies or as directed Continual Professional Development Modules. In the membership assessment process, applicants may require to submit practice workfile and or an oral presentation.

Practicum and Internship
As a form of internship program for potential teachers, teaching practicum can be arranged at one of the Montessorian World International's Certified / Affiliation Partners' schools. This program provides students the opportunity to observe children and trained teachers at work. Guided training and supervision from the school director and daily discussions. Trainers' Practium is separately designed for obervation of delivery skills and practices of effective training. Feedback will be provided.

Find Montessorian World Education, Assessment Criteria & its Qualifying Courses.

Request of other Qualifying Courses and Application for Competency Assessment.
Learning Opportunities @ Montessorian World, Email Us

2. Membership Certification : Reciprocity Assessment Entry Route
The Reciprocity Entry Route for Assessment. Applicants who have successfully completed a course of Montessori Studies from a learning institution approved by their local educational authority may apply for assessment of their competency to recieve an equivalent Montessorian Award. All applications will be considered on case by case basis. Such application is usually open for those pursuing a CL-1 and CL-II certification and are desirous to proceed to CL-III of development for the CMEd Fellowship Programme.

The assessment process is in two stages.

Stage One : Applicants are required to submit their full academic transcripts and past or current practice workfile for a Formal Academic Review. Applicants may be directed to undertake additional Montessorian Professional Development Modules as bridging units to fulfil the requirement of an Award.

Stage Two : In the interview process, applicants are required to provide a practical demonstration, review of their submitted practice workfile and or to give an oral presentation of their experience to determine their Competency Level of skill, knowledge and aptitude of work.
3. Membership Certification : Specialist Entry Route

The Specialist Entry Route to CMEd Fellowship is provided for expert and experienced Montessorians who by reason of advanced knowledge or competence can demonstrate superior proficiency in as a Montessorian Educator or Provider of Montessorian Education. Applicants are not required to undertake the full Assessment of Competence that applies to Standard Examination Entry Route but Applicants must complete a modified process comprising :

- Review of career information and working experience submitted with the Application. Information provided must be in detail as set out in Conditions of Membership and comply with the Certification requirement. This review will decide whether the various requirements have been satisfied and whether the Applicant should proceed directly to the interview stage to determine the Competency Level or to undertake a modified Montessorian Development program before the Assessment.

- Panel interview during which Applicants are required to demonstrate their experience and knowledge of their competency in Montessorian education and profession. Specialist Entry Applicants are required to demonstrate a greater level of practical experience than Standard Entry candidates.

Applicants shall indicate which of the Specialist Category classes listed for membership certification they are applying under

a) Academic and Educators
b) Mature Practitioner Route

c) Expert Route as an Educationalist or Specialty Consultant
d) Experienced Practitioner Route including School Owner Operator / Principal.

Assessment requirements
Specialist Entry Criteria : All application will be considered case by case basis. Assessment is based on submission of documented historical evidence of achievement and sociogenetic contribution in the field of Montessori education and/or completion of related Montessorian research and development project.

Request of Specialist Entry and Application for Competency Assessment. Email Us

  Montessorian World's flagship programmes that set you apart to be different :

ForParents Teachers Trainers Children
Becoming Montessorian ™ is an authorised Education & Membership program of Montessorian World International. Structured with Learning Pathway and Development Opportunities.


ForEducators PrincipalsSchool OwnersMontessorian Hosts
CMEd : Certified Montessorian Educator ™ is a Membership and Professional Affiliation Credential from Montessorian World International. Route to CMEd Credential Award

Important Notes for participation and enrollment :

* All programs are delivered primarily for Montessorian and Professional development and as membership program into Montessorian World International or simply for personal enrichment. * Credits obtained from each modular study unit can be accumulated for award of an appropriate Montessorian World International's Competency Certificate Award and as a route to be a CMEd, Certified Montessorian Educator. * Programs and their delivery mode may slightly vary in different countries.

* As an international organisation, we also recognise government approved qualifcation in your counry into our Global Education Pathway Membership system. Our Country-specific Education Hosts can assist in the adminstration. We provide International Montessorian Certification of courses independently or jointly with locally approved institution of learning. Those with equivalent qualification obtained from a locally authorized institution of learning can apply to Montessorian World for formal Assessment of Competency and to recieve an equivalent Membership Certificate award. Please contact our Program Administrator for more details on approved educational institutions in your country.

* Contact us to verify the status of your qualification and local institution of learning.

* Local Government approved Education Service Providers or Institutions of learning are welcome to contact us for participation.

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