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Montessorian World : The dedicated knowledge portal and a platform to promote Montessorian World Education and Fellowship.

Members Privilege : Prepared Opportunities. The ultimate learning network for Montessorians and friends.
Becoming Montessorian
: The Model for Montessorian and Professional Development. Personal Enrichment to Professional and Business Certification.

Education Incorporated : Intellectual and social innovation. Global vision and Regenerative development. Job and business creation.

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Open Learning Network. Participation is by Membership. Here, members explore the learning opportunities within the network of places and people ; develop their job and career pathway or jump start their business set-up plan under the uniquely structured Montessorian and Professional Development Pathway Paradigm.

About the Program : Main Features

For All : Parents, teachers, trainers, educators, Education and Professional Service Providers..

Flexible Pathway : Entry is based on prior recognized qualification and experience.

Advancement : Montessorian Members and participants with tertiary education qualification or equivalent Montessori Certificate obtained from a local government approved institution can apply to be part of this Montessorian and Professional Development Program. You have the opportunities to be recognized as a CMP Certified Montessorian Professional and advance yourself to become a CMEd Certified Montessorian Educator .

Montessorian Certification : By Direct Membership Competency Assessment or Transnational Education Assessment.

Mature Entry Route to CMP Credential Award is available for highly experienced academia, trainers and educators including school principals on completion of the Award Program.

Specialist Entry Route to CMEd Credential Award is available for distinguished academia, school principals and specialist educators on completion of the Award Program.

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Be Qualified. Be Certified. Be Recognized.
Be Montessorian @ Open Learning Network.

Becoming Montessorian is an education and membership programme of Montessorian World. The programme comprises of a series of specially tailored skill enrichment & Montessorian development courses. On successful completion and assessment, participant may apply to the appropriate category of Montessorian Award which is dependent on the Competency Level being achieved and its Membership Policy. Members are also expected to be committed to Continual Professional Development and its Vision & Mission.

The Montessorian and Professional Development series is designed with tertiary level educationalists and successful practitioners in Montessorian based education as well as academia and entrepreneurs. It offers individuals and organizations in contact with children to acquire a practical working knowledge of early childhood and Montessori Teaching Method. The extended Montessorian World Education emphasizes on the total development of a person. Montessorian World Education achieves this via its spirited and systematic learning approach; and of practical application.

Under Montessorian World Education Learning Model, the delivery mode extends progressively from knowledge introduction into lifelong learning; taught self-directed learning and staged professional development, embracing both highly effective practice-based and problem-based learning processes. Our focus is on development of character, personal skills and professional competency.

Montessorian World Education and Fellowship Plan provides its participants, educators, entrepreneurs and professionals with a new mind-set into life long learning, business or professional practice startup. Within the platform, members can effectively garner the power of synergy and find the strength of cooperation. Its learning program includes practical business skills, best practices and real life project implementation. Our focus is on the cooperative development and delivery of quality services and products under one globalized brand name of Montessorian World.

The Level of Entry is based on prior experience and academic achievement attained from other recognized learning institutions where the applicant resides and works. All are welcome to be part of this Montessorian and Professional Pathway Program.

You can be qualified as a Certified Montessorian Professional and advance at your own pace to be recognized as a
CMEd, Certified Montessorian Educator - a respected Partner in Montessorian World Education.

Opportunities : Education Incorporated.
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Be a Qualified Montessorian Associate (MWI)  
Be a Certified Montessorian Professional  
Be a Certified Montessorian Educator  
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Montessorian Online @ Business Registry is for Qualified Montessorian Associate or Certified Montessorian or organization that uphold our philosophy, its vision and value pursuits for an outreach in Montessorian Education and in their community in particular.
Be a Montessorian Partners Registy Member
Regional Chapter, Education and Community Host by City / State / Country
are for Certified Montessorian . and or Certified Professional / Educator sponsored entities and has completed as Montessorian Globalisation Award program
Be a Strategic Partners
Education Partners : Institutional Partners : Knowledge Partners

Strategic Partners are for those who share MWI's mission and vision and with proven record of commitment. Participation is by invitation or nomination. However, those who are interested in these positions may make known their interest to us directly for a confidential assessment by our Board of Governors
From Personal Enrichment to Professional Certification.
Click here : Overview of Members Learning Pathway and Montessorian Competency Award
  Membership and Education Pathway. Worldwide Development Opportunities
The Global Marketplaces : Members' Network. The Learning Partnership.
Be Qualified. Be Certified. Be Recognized. Montessorian Plan and the Education Pathway Programme

Montessorian Plan : Becoming Montessorian. Education Pathway and Certification.

Becoming Montessorian ™ is an authorized Education & Membership program of Montessorian World International. The programme is structured with a Learning Pathway and a choice of development opportunities. International Montessorian Certification (IMC) is either by Direct Membership Examination or by Transnational Education Assessment. The Competency Certification Award qualifies candidates to be a Qualified Montessorian, Certified Montessorian Professional or Educator Membership grade.
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